Google Goes Globe Hopping with AdSense for Mobile Content

Google has taken its AdSense for mobile content on the road.

The Internet search giant has announced the expansion of the AdSense mobile content service to 15 new countries around the world. New participating nations include: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Slovenia, Thailand, and Turkey.

A sophisticated and widely used platform, Google AdSense’s “smart” technology boasts the ability to match the nature of an ad to the general content of the mobile site presenting it. Additionally, the solution can also determine the type of mobile device visiting the site for added matching relevance.

For mobile websites, AdSense will automatically detect the type of phone viewing your site and deliver ads to match. For example, if someone views your site through an iPhone, we’ll deliver ads specifically designed for high-end phones.

Google made certain to note in its formal announcement that AdSense for mobile content ad units may be used in mobile websites only, not in mobile applications. “our policies don’t permit placement of AdSense for mobile content ads in a mobile application,” the company said.

To read the full- but brief – announcement on the Google AdSense Blog, click here.