Google Glass Project Comes to KickStarter

Google Glass Project Comes to KickStarterAccording to the projections made in a new Kickstarter campaign, Google Glass may have a massive impact on the global travel scene.

We’ve been making travel tech projects for the last eight years and we believe that Google Glass is the next big thing in travel.

The project spearheaded by South African tourism software startup Tourism Radio wants to remove pocket guides from the pocket forever.

“My project partner, Mark Allewell, and I want to create a product for travelers based on the idea of a local person giving them information, but using technology instead,” the project description reads. “This info plays automatically as the user travels past points of interest and general areas. Imagine traveling through Barcelona, not being able to speak Spanish and missing out on a wealth of interesting information about the city around you.”

Simply put, the company is trying to raise £35,000 to tinker with the potential of Google Glass as a travel guide.

New York, London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco, Washington & Cape Town are the launch cities.

“We are now in the process on building the code to turn Google Glass into a great local tour guide,” the project creators confirm.

To learn more about the effort or to become a backer, click here.