Google Glass Getting More Government Attention

Google Glass Getting More Government AttentionAs Google Glass continues to attract the interest of consumers, companies, and innovative app developers even before the wearable technology is universally available, state governments and agencies are taking notice as well.

Just this week, announced the availability of OnTime for Glass, a first-of-its-kind transit-tracking app for Google Glass.

“OnTime for Glass brings Glassware to transit riders in a unique app that notifies them when their vehicle is approaching,” said David Fletcher, Utah’s chief technology officer.

“OnTime for Glass is the most recent example of our long-standing innovation in web and mobile applications that help the citizens of Utah,” he adds, calling wearable technology a huge opportunity to “provide better online experiences for our citizens.”

“And where better to focus than on mobile services where so much of what we do today can be augmented by technology,” Fletcher proposes.

Utah is the first state website to create an application for Google Glass. To check out the free app now and behold what may soon become a familiar presence in every U.S. state,  click here.