Google Gets Political on the Eve of Iowa Caucuses

On Monday, Google rolled out a revamped political information page as the Iowa Caucuses – the first major Republican contest of the 2012 presidential election – are poised to begin in fewer than 24 hours.

Google’s new digital information hub contains concentrated and clickable sections focused on individual candidates and key issues, which include: Economy, Immigration, Healthcare, Government Spending, Jobs & Unemployment, National Security, and Social Issues.

“As Nov. 6, 2012, draws closer, the site will evolve into a robust election hub where citizens can watch, learn, discuss, participate — and perhaps even make an impact on — the digital campaign trail as it blazes forward to the election of the next President of the United States,” a Google rep shared with Mashable on Monday.

With Google helping to direct millions of Americans daily to the political news they seek from the world’s top news organizations, the new page will certainly be a welcome addition to the 2012 election season, which will begin in earnest tomorrow in Iowa.

To check out the new page from Google, click here.