Google Gets Physical with Wallet

According to what a source tells Android Police, Google may have some unanticipated plans for its Google wallet platform.

An anonymous tipster in possession of a leaked version of the Google Wallet app says Google is, in fact, hiding some pretty amazing secrets.

The biggest “secret” of all is that Google may be planning a physical Google Wallet card.

“That’s happening,” the report reads, “and you’ll be able to get one, probably soon.”

The physical Google Wallet card will work just like a regular credit card. Whatever your currently selected default card on the Wallet app is, the Wallet card will charge to. It will work anywhere major credit cards are accepted. This is for those scenarios where you don’t have (or want to use) tap and pay.

If you want a card, the tipster says, you will eventually be able to get one just by requesting it through the app. The physical card will then be sent directly to your home.

Naturally, Google isn’t commenting on the report just yet. MMW will keep you posted as more details emerge.