Google Gets Into Mobile Marketing

Google has announced that advertisers who buy AdWords (Google’s main revenue engine) can now automatically buy mobile advertising to go with it.

AdWords buyers can now choose to have their AdWords automatically show up on phones that support major Internet browsers. Although the ads will reach only a small percentage of the population at the time being, the numbers could increase if Apple, for instance, starts selling discounted phones at Wal-Mart.

Google’s chief Daniel Rubin put it this way: “Today, we’re announcing a new campaign-level option that allows you to extend the reach of your text and image ads to show your AdWords ads on the T-Mobile G1, the iPhone, and other mobile devices that have full (HTML) Internet browsers. This new option will now allow you to display your ads specifically on these devices, create exclusive campaigns for them, and get separate performance reporting. We hope this option will help you more effectively reach your audience with the right message at the right time.”

This is not only good news for mobile marketing, it’s also big news. As a result, Google may be the first powerhouse company to both capture and dominate the mobile ad market, which is ripe for domanation if a major company wholly gets behind it.

Stay tuned.