Google Flushes Taboo Topic of Bathroom Smartphone Usage

According to the very interesting findings of a new Google survey, nearly 40% of smartphone owners use their devices in the bathroom.

With the goal of the commissioned survey being to gain better insight into smartphone user behavior, the report reveals no shortage of intriguing, but not altogether surprising facts.

  • 93% of smartphone users use their phones at home
  • 81% browse the Internet
  • 77% utilize mobile search
  • 72% use their phones while consuming other media
  • 33% use their smartphones while watching TV
  • 39% reveal using their smartphone in the bathroom

Further illustrating the stronghold that mobile technologies now possess on smartphone owners, one in five users admit they would rather forgo their cable television subscription instead of their smartphone.

Also noteworthy is the fact that 27% of smartphone purchases were made via a mobile website. 22% of smartphone purchases were via mobile application.