Google (Finally) Launches AdSense For Mobile Search

For being such a behemoth in the advertising world, Google has been a bit slow at launching mobile-versions of their platforms- most importantly, AdSense for mobile.

AdSense for mobile was launched, in its basic form, back in September of 2007.  Now, the search giant has finally added to its offerings and launched AdSense for mobile search- which should appease mobile publishers and webmasters that have been waiting a long time for the addition.

AdSense for search allows mobile publishers to embed a Google search box on their mobile site, just like they would for traditional websites.  Search result pages are hosted by Google, and these pages can be customized with your logo, and custom footer links.  Site owners make commissions on clicks generated from ads alongside search results.  This method has been very popular, and lucrative, for traditional web publishers, so hopefully its success will extend to mobile as well.

The service is still in beta testing, so if you hurry, you can sign up here.  Some select users that sign up for the beta by February 13th may even receive an invite to a private information session held by Google about the new Adsense for mobile search solution at Mobile World Congress.