Google For Entrepreneurs Getting a Good Workout with New App

Pilates Metrics has been invited to the Google For Entrepreneurs mentorship program.

“It’s an honor to be chosen,” says Pilates Metrics founder Joseph Quinn. “Google mentors are helping us set and achieve goals. It’s a master course in strategic development.”

If you’re not familiar, Pilates Metrics is a technology platform and mobile app for the 20M+ worldwide Pilates practitioners to track, chart, and share their progress.

The app automatically converts Pilates sessions into anatomical and biomechanical stats, graphs, and charts and aggregates totals over time.

The app and platform were built by ArcTouch, a top mobile design and development studio. “Pilates Metrics is a perfect example of how an industry can use mobile technology and big data to make a global impact,” says Eric N. Shapiro, ArcTouch founder and CEO.

“We’re proud of their success,” says Manu Vascolcelos, Director of Platform Engagement at Galvanize. “Galvanize provides access to people, resources, and knowledge, and they’ve gone above and beyond to maximize every opportunity.”

“We’ve come a long way since the coffee shop,” says Quinn.