Google DoubleClick Updates Designed to Give Advertisers More Control Over Ads Online

Google DoubleClick Updates Designed to Give Advertisers More Control Over Ads OnlineIn case you missed it, Google’s DoubleClick recently announced eight updates to its Verification product suite. In a move to protect brand safety, the enhancements provide advertisers increased control over their ad placements online.

“With digital video ad spending rising 41.9 percent in 2014 to $5.96 billion, per eMarketer, the forthcoming video verification tool from DoubleClick will prove critical for marketers,” explains MediaPost. “The tool will provide insights that are unique to video, such as player size and location. Marketers will have the ability to tell whether video ads are mostly displayed in large players in front of the viewer or in little players off to the side.”

Google is calling the changes “a complete revamp of DoubleClick Verification to help marketers protect their brand and budget, and empower them with confidence to invest in digital.”

“As a digital marketer today, you can deliver the right message to the right user at the right time and place. But with the rich options in formats, inventory sources, and types of buys, it’s crucial that your messages reach your audience as intended, and that you’re getting what you planned and paid for,” noted the post.

Google claims its improvements to verification addresses “all the potential brand safety and waste issues that can hamper a digital campaign.” The company says there will be more information provided about contextual and geographic issues, viewability, spam, and fraud.

More information about DoubleClick Verification is available at the Google AdWords site.