Google Doesn’t Want to Be a Pain in The ‘Glass’

Google has been battered by consistent criticisms in recent weeks as the Internet search giant has allowed only select developers to test and tinker with its forthcoming Google Glass device.

As media and social giants like Facebook and The New York Times launch their apps for Google’s mysterious face computer, a curious general pubic wants more.

And it’s probably in the best interest of Google to give some of these critics what they want. Apparently, even Google is starting to agree with that assessment.

By now, all the developers who signed up to receive Glass prototypes should have the headgear in hand, so Google’s ready to move on to the next phase. Over the next few weeks, the company will begin sending invitations to successful #ifihadglass applicants.

According to Zach Honig of Engadget, “invites will come via Google+, so you’ll need to have +Project Glass in your Circles in order to jump to the next step.”

With the Explorer program now closed, Google may begin shifting its attention to the “Ordinary Joes and Janes” for field testing and feedback on Google Glass.

A sleek technology designed for the human face, Google Glass delivers an unrivaled augmented reality experience that will undoubtedly have profound implications on how we interact with the world around us… once the technology finally reaches the masses sometime next year.