Google Changing The Temperature in Tech with Latest Acquisition

Google Changing The Temperature in Tech with Latest AcquisitionGoogle is changing the temperature in technology.

Nest Labs’ first product – the Nest Learning Thermostat – was at one time only available at the Apple Store. Apple’s interest in selling the innovative Nest product was likely inspired by the fact that Nest was founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rodgers, two former Apple employees.

On Monday, however, a wedge was likely shoved between Nest and Apple as Google acquired Nest Labs for a reported $3.2 billion dollars.

CNBC reports, however, that Google has already been a major investor in Nest.

In addition to Google Ventures, other investors in Nest include Shasta Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

We’ll provide further details regarding the acquisition as soon as more information from this breaking story emerges.