Google Chair Says Android is ‘More Secure’ Than Apple’s iPhone

Google Chair Says Android is 'More Secure' Than Apple's iPhoneGoogle chair Eric Schmidt is making headlines today and generating just a tad of mockery in the process.

According to Schmidt, Google’s Android platform is more secure than Apple’s iPhone.

The controversial comment came during a session at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, ZDNet reports.

Gartner analyst David Willis, who is chief of research for mobility and communications and who runs Gartner’s Senior Research Board, said to Schmidt: “If you polled many people in this audience they would say Google Android is not their principal platform […] When you say Android, people say, wait a minute, Android is not secure.” Schmidt didn’t miss a beat, replying, “Not secure? It’s more secure than the iPhone.”

In addition to the infestation of mobile malware that Android has been known to attract like a magnet, most security experts and analysts concede that the iPhone 5S is arguably the safest smartphone in existence, thanks largely in part to its built-in biometric scanner.

While Schmidt is correct that Android is the most widely used operating system in the world, is he really correct about Android being more secure than Apple’s iPhone?

You be the judge. Please weigh in with your two cents below.