Google Asks: Is The Web Getting Faster?

According to the latest data from Google, the speed at which mobile browser pages load continues to accelerate.

Over the last twelve months, in fact, the speed of mobile browser page loading has increased 30%.

“At Google,” the Internet search giant posted Monday, “we are passionate about speed and making the web faster. A faster web is better for both users and businesses – faster pages lead to better user experience and improved conversions.”

Over the last year, we have seen significant improvements in the core infrastructure that powers the Internet: the web browsers have gotten faster; there have been quite a few LTE/4G deployments making mobile networks a lot faster; and processing power on mobile devices continues to increase at a rapid pace.

“While access from desktop is only a bit faster,” write Arvind Jain and Mustafa M. Tikir of the Google Analytics team, “it is still impressive given that the size of the web pages have increased by over 56% during this period. It’s great to see access from mobile is around 30% faster compared to last year. This is evident from the histograms below as well. For desktop, there is not a significant change in the bucket distributions, but for mobile we see a shift from slower buckets (i.e. higher page load time) to faster buckets.”

To read the complete report from Google, click here.