Google Argument All Smoke & Mirrors?

I think Robert Scoble has it right, Google is posturing for the sake of posturing and in the end they won’t care because they’re focused on Mobile. I’d be too, heck Google already owns search and that’s not going to change anytime soon just because Microsoft acquires Yahoo is it? Google has the better product and consumers know it. Microsoft would need to acquire Google to change that fact.

Oh and you gotta love Roberts analogies… put two turkeys together and you don’t get an eagle… beautiful!

So, why are they focused on mobile? Naturally, it’s to increase their advertising dominance. Mobile is without doubt going to evolve in 2008.

Dr. Eric Schmidt“It’s the recreation of the Internet, it’s the recreation of the PC (personal computer) story and it is before us — and it is very likely it will happen in the next year,”

That quote is from Eric Schmidt at the World Economic Forum. Google believes that mobile is gonna be huge. Those of us following mobile believe it to. I see the explosion coming when we’re all smartphone enabled. Sorta like the Windows 95 event. What about you?

Hat tip to i2sms for the Reuters article.