Google, Apple on EC's Radar Over In-App Purchase Policies

Google Apple on EC's Radar Over In-App Purchase PoliciesThe European Commission is taking the fight squarely to Google and Apple over what the EC calls an inadequate attempt on the part of both tech giants to remedy their deceptive in-app purchase policies.

BBC News is reporting that the European Commission wants to compel Apple and Google to make the “true cost” of downloadable games crystal clear for anyone who enters iTunes or Google Play.

Apple, however, appears to be the biggest target of the EC for now.

“Regrettably, no concrete and immediate solutions have been made by Apple to date to address the concerns linked in particular to payment authorization,” a statement from the EC reads. “Apple has proposed to address those concerns. However, no firm commitment and no timing have been provided for the implementation of such possible future changes.”

Understandably, Apple doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the EC.

A rep for Apple is quoted by the BBC saying that Apple does “more than others” to prevent families from being subjected to unwanted in-app purchases. “These controls go far beyond the features of others in the industry,” the Apple spokesperson added.