Google and Facebook Fast Becoming Chief Mobile Ad Rivals

The latest industry estimates from eMarketer suggest that mobile advertising spending will reach $7.29 billion by the end of 2013.

Not surprisingly, Google will claim more than half of the entire market with projected earnings of $3.9 billion in U.S. mobile ad revenue.

But Google’s dominance continues to erode in the wake of undeniable momentum from leading social networks that are fast becoming the mobile ad networks of choice for some of the world’s top advertisers.

And no social network is challenging Google’s mobile ad preeminence like Facebook.

“Facebook, the No. 2 mobile ad publisher in the country, accounted for 9.5% of mobile ad revenues in 2012 and is expected to take 13.2% this year,” eMarketer reports.

In the mobile display market, however, Facebook is on top, projected to grab nearly three in 10 dollars this year.

eMarketer recently revised to the upside Facebook’s share of U.S. mobile display ad revenue after Q4 results came in higher than anticipated.

“Both Facebook and Twitter have benefited from their use of so-called native ad formats that are seamlessly integrated within the core user experiences of their respective products,” eMarketer announced Thursday. “The resulting ability for both companies to deliver mobile ad impressions at much higher volume than many traditional ad publishers has helped them capture market share very quickly.”

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