Google Analytics Comes Home to Mobile

The long wait is finally over. Google said today that it is bringing its hugely popular Analytics tool to mobile apps.

Appropriately dubbed Mobile App Analytics, the freshly unveiled service covers both Android and iOS-based apps. The service will give app developers and mobile advertisers better-than-ever feedback about app usage in record time.

“Mobile is changing the way that people communicate, work and play, and much of the growing adoption and innovation we’re seeing in the industry is driven by mobile apps,” Google said in its formal announcement. “There are already more than 600,000 mobile apps on Google Play alone, and we expect to see continued momentum throughout the industry.”

That’s why today we’re announcing a new set of reports in beta called Mobile App Analytics that help marketers and developers better measure their mobile apps. The reports are tailored for mobile app developers and marketers, speaking the language that matters to them. They are designed to measure the entire mobile customer journey – from discovery to download to engagement.

Developers are said to be admitted to the beta program in lumps at a time. To sign up for the beta testing, click here.

Otherwise, Google says the service will be available in full by the close of summer.