Google Already Claims 2013 Mobile Ad Crown

The top remains the only market position Google is familiar with when it comes to mobile advertising.

According to the latest data and projections from eMarketer, Google will do more than just secure half of all mobile internet ad spending this year, Google will also represent over half of total U.S. mobile ad spending.

Google’s share of mobile ad revenues is predicted to reach 52.1% this year, climbing incrementally each year through 2015, when it will secure a 55.7% share.

Google, however, isn’t the only powerhouse in this market seeing exponential growth.

eMarketer says Facebook, which nabbed a 9% share of U.S. mobile ad revenues in 2012, will see its share approach 15% this year. “That gives it about three times the share of the US mobile market as the next-closest publishers eMarketer analyzed—YP and Pandora,” eMarketer’s new report reads.

Twitter will pull in just 3.5% of US mobile ad revenues this year and will increase that amount slightly in coming years.

In total, mobile ad spending will hit $7.65 billion this year, up substantially from $4.36 billion in 2012.