Google AdWords Launches ‘Conversion Import for Salesforce’ to Better Track Campaigns

salesforce“For many marketers, dealing with the technology and scale necessary to tie offline conversions back to the keywords and ads that drive them can be a difficult task. Often, they have to make important decisions based on aggregated data from different sources or no data at all, making it difficult to understand the true value of their AdWords campaigns.”

That’s the take from a new AdWords post, which introduces something new from Google.

Now AdWords will include something called ‘Conversion Import for Salesforce.’

“AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce measures the value of your offline conversions that result from online AdWords clicks, without the need to reconcile your AdWords and customer relationship management (CRM) data manually,” explains the company.

What is changing, exactly?

“After linking your AdWords and Salesforce accounts, you can pick which important milestones, like ‘lead qualification’ or ‘deal won’, you want to track as conversions,” according to AdWords. “When someone clicks your ad and visits your website, your website captures a unique Google click ID that tells your website which ad the visitor clicked on. If that visitor submits a lead form on your website, your website passes along the click ID to Salesforce, where it’s stored with the corresponding lead and any future sales opportunities.”

AdWords will periodically check Salesforce accounts, too. It will note any new important milestones in sales funnels coming from ad clicks. AdWords will count those milestones as AdWords conversions.

Clients have already tested the changes.

“With AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, we now have the ability to easily see the keywords that drive qualified leads,” said a spokesperson for Peninsula, the UK’s largest team of HR, Employment Law, and Health Safety experts. “This has allowed us to concentrate efforts in the right areas and make better use of our budget. Since we started using this feature, we’ve seen an 11 percent decrease in cost per lead as a result of reallocating budgets and decreasing bids on poorly performing keywords that were sitting in top positions.”

More details on AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce is available here.