Good Vibes: Heavyweight Partners Aim to Power Up Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Good Vibes Heavyweight Partners Aim to Power Up Mobile Marketing CampaignsMobile marketing company Vibes announced this week that it has partnered with Adobe to power personalized mobile campaigns for Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“Vibes’ technology powers campaigns across all mobile channels, including mobile wallet, SMS and push messaging, enabling brands to personalize, distribute and manage digital content (loyalty cards, coupons, etc.) for consumers,” a provided statement reads.

With the addition of Vibes’ Catapult Mobile Relationships Management platform, the two respected companies are bringing together what they call a “holistic mobile solution to help marketers create a closed-loop experience for mobile campaigns.”

“Adobe Marketing Cloud is designed to give marketers the intelligence necessary to market to their customers in a personalized way at scale, and Vibes helps bring this philosophy to mobile channels,” said Matt Asay, VP of Mobile at Adobe. “This integration allows digital marketers to create and manage campaigns for mobile wallet, SMS and push messaging seamlessly from a single platform. There is tremendous value in presenting marketers with a unified view into online and offline activities so that they can create mobile campaigns that are more effective, insightful and personalized.”

We’re told that in the initial phase of the integration, Vibes will complement two solutions of the Adobe Marketing Cloud: Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics.