GoldSpot is Spot On With Cross-Channel Mobile Marketing Solution

GoldSpot Media is drawing widespread praise in response to its latest product launch, which is being hailed as the industry’s first mobile marketing program for advertisers to reach users on all mobile channels.

Through the AdSite Mobile Marketing Program, advertisers can reach users via mobile apps and web, Facebook Sponsored Stories, Twitter Sponsored Tweets, Search AdWords, SMS and other channels with a single rich media click destination.

The Sunnyvale, California-based company has high hopes for the good that advertisers will gain from the new offering.

The search engine optimized mobile microsite gives advertisers rich choice of features such as swipe-able photo gallery, video, call, map, lead gen, CRM data collection, viral sharing and e-commerce. Advertisers can create and traffic rich mobile microsites in less than an hour and analyze user engagement on every mobile channel in real-time, in a single dashboard.

“The AdSite solution delivers a consistent and engaging user experience across all mobile channels,” said Srini Dharmaji, Founder & CEO of GoldSpot Media. “Mobile Advertisers can cost-efficiently experiment and pick the best performing mobile channels amongst display, Facebook, Twitter, search and others to maximize their ROI.”