Going Green on the Road… and on the Web

This summer, Rinck Advertising will launch what’s being called Eco-friendly “Brand Buggies,” eye-catching vehicles that “are an alternative-energy urban transport system powered by human drivers and produce zero emissions.”

An aggressive mobile campaign is being planned to drive “green-friendly” web traffic just as the buggies themselves will likely slow street traffic while everyone gawks at these unique rides initially.

According to the specs, the vehicles feature a full seat in the rear for passengers, bicycle pedals and headlights. They are operated by trained “Branch Touch Cabbies” who are skilled at engaging consumers in conversations about brand and product as well as on-site research and surveying – another component vital to the mobile marketing attributes of the enterprise.

The Brand Buggies are scheduled for a trial run in limited use this summer. For now, they will pop up at several events in the state of Maine. If things go well, you may see more Brand Buggies on a road near you.