Go800 Pioneers The Concept Of “Voice Keywords” Via SMS

Go800 Pioneers The Concept Of Voice Keywords Via SMSThis is an interesting one- a company called Go800 has developed an SMS marketing system that uses the traditional keyword-to-shortcode concept, but returns voice calls instead of SMS-based content and calls-to-action.

Known as “keyword navigation” for mobile devices, Go800’s patent-pending technology enables consumers to directly connect to brands via the Go800 short code (46800) without the need to research phone numbers.  For example, if you want United Airlines, text “United Air” to 46800, connect with an operator and check the status of your flight.  Text “Pizza” and you may get you Ray’s pizza down the block, depending on your area code.

In terms of marketing, Go800 grants businesses a better channel by which to advertise by eliminating the need for toll-free numbers in advertisements. Merchants only need to provide their “keyword” and simple instructions to text the word to Go800.

It’s an interesting concept, and one that I’m surprised is just now seeing some traction.  The company looks to have signed some pretty big brand names, and is even going after publicly traded companies interested in registering their stock symbols for direct market data via SMS.  The concept is just now taking shape, but it’s one that we’ll definitely hear more about.