Go2mobi Touts Total Control API for Building Custom Programmatic Advertising Features

Go2mobi, a top self-serve mobile demand side platform (DSP), turns the levers of control over to mobile advertisers, providing them with the tools and technology to target, report on, and optimize every aspect of their mobile advertising campaigns.

That’s the official word shared with MMW ahead of the weekend.

According to a provided statement, Go2mobi’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows agencies, trade desks, and performance marketers to leverage the power of its mobile programmatic DSP to build anything from time-saving workflows, customized bidder logic, to full-blown custom DSP platforms.

Go2mobi’s Total Control API gives those looking to build custom advertising solutions a head start with industry-leading real time bidding (RTB) infrastructure that processes over 1,000,000 queries per second.

Go2mobi’s light account setup and dedicated specialists dramatically accelerate time to value. Developers and media buyers can go to market quickly with custom campaigns leveraging the functionality, speed, ease-of-use and high call limit of Go2mobi’s Total Control API™.

MMW is told that with Go2mobi’s API, advertisers can achieve a variety of efficiencies, including automating micro-campaign creation, automating campaign optimization, integrating the Total Control API with their spreadsheet software, integrating Go2mobi features directly into their own tracking platforms and creating data visualization and unified reporting.

For advertisers using the API, Go2mobi’s experienced account managers provide technical support every step of the way, ensuring their customers achieve maximum results. Thorough, user-friendly API documentation is also publicly available on Go2mobi’s developer site.

“With our Total Control API, Go2mobi brings a toolset for mobile advertising that is significantly more flexible and powerful to meet the growing needs of our clients’ specific use cases,” said Tom Desaulniers, president and co-founder of Go2mobi.