go2 Media “Transforms” Movie Marketing

go2 Media, as we’ve seen, has been busy launching a new mobile advertising service called “Dynamic Content Marketing.”

With a heavy slant on all things local, the mobile site for go2 delivers local entertainment and information to users. And because the new service allows for front pages to be “branded,” the feature bodes well for the movie industry, for whom that service is exclusively available for now.

The first campaign underway is for the Transformers sequel, “Revenge of the Fallen.”

Cutting to the chase, Transformers is an enormous beta test for go2, which is stepping up efforts considerably to brand the movie on its site and allow a one-click link to local showings of the film.

It obviously isn’t much, but it’s a start for Dynamic Content Marketing.

And if things go well for the Transformers campaign, you may very well come to see more of the same at a theatre near you.