Gmail Throwing Email Marketers a Life Jacket?

Gmail Throwing Email Marketers a Life JacketWhat exactly is Google up to in the realm of Gmail these days? Although we don’t know for sure, a recent “leak” may provide some clues.

“Google is insisting you love Google Plus,” reads a report published this week from NewsLedge. “So much so, that leaked screenshots of a Gmail redesign show that design cues are being borrowed from the Google’s social network. The screens haven’t been verified, but if true, it represents the biggest redesign to Google’s flagship email product ever.”

According to the leak in question, expect a replacement to the star feature. Gmail users will be able to pin emails to the top. And, perhaps most importantly, the report notes, one feature that should please marketers is the removal of the direct tabs.

“The promo tab has been the bane of marketers everywhere as they lose precious frontpage real estate,” the report author notes.

Tabs will still remain, but will be shuffled into the left menu. Social, forums, promos and updates are all in the left menu. Gmail is also said to be adding tabs for travel, purchases and finances. Google Hangouts is also getting prime real estate in the leaked screenshots. On the right, there will be a collapsible area for you to connect with colleagues or friends. Or hide from them by staying invisible. Hey, we have all done it.

It goes without saying that Google isn’t spilling the beans on the supposed Gmail redesign. In fact, the Internet search giant hasn’t publicly responded to the growing number of media and user inquiries pertaining to the leak that started it all this week.

Stay tuned.