Glu Picks PacketZoom to Boost Mobile Performance

This week, leading content accelerator, PacketZoom announced that it has been selected by Glu Mobile Inc., a top global developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games, to “speed up content download and improve connectivity, two common issues in mobile gaming, and improving the complete user experience with a significant reduction in CDN bills.”

“In the business of mobile games, disconnection issues can be caused by many variable factors that developers and publishers can’t control,” said Tim Wilson, Glu’s Global Chief Technology Officer. “Glu is always looking for technologies that benefit our users. Game interactivity and network connectivity are parameters that every mobile game company should pay close attention to. PacketZoom’s technology was easy to integrate and showed positive results on both fronts in multiple iOS and Android titles.”

Glu saw immediate improvement for Cooking Dash 2016 and Gordon Ramsay DASH.

PacketZoom’s SDK rescued almost 90 percent of disconnected events globally to increase player engagement and satisfaction. PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane was used to speed up content download as well API calls from Glu and third-party domains such as Amazon, Mobile Ad Networks and Swrve.

PacketZoom, we’re told, is designed specifically for native mobile apps making it the perfect solution for mobile game developers.

“Deployment is easy and quick because mobile app requests are transparently offloaded through the PacketZoom stack without any client or server side code changes required,” the company says. “The built-in mechanism actively monitors mobile network conditions as experienced by the receiving device. This integration allows the app to react more intelligently to latency and dropped packages, anticipating and correcting disconnections before they take place.”