Glu Mobile Bets on Skillz for Real Money Mobile Gaming in the U.S.

Glu Mobile, a well known and popular developer and publisher of freemium games for mobile devices, today announced that the company has entered into a “strategic relationship” with Skillz.

The new partners in mobile gaming plan to introduce skill-based, real-money gaming in certain Glu games.

Glu Mobile will integrate the Skillz tournament platform into select Android titles, offering gamers the opportunity to compete in skill-based tournaments for cash prizes, an announcement from Glu on Thursday read.

“The Skillz tournament platform allows us to reach a significant number of U.S. gamers interested in competing for cash prizes in their favorite skill-based Glu games,” says Niccolo de Masi, Glu’s CEO. “We look forward to offering an entirely new multiplayer experience to our audience in the U.S.; an experience that we anticipate will improve user engagement, retention, and monetization.”

Deer Hunter Reloaded on Android will be the first Glu game to go live with Skillz-powered cash competitions.

“We make it easy to offer cash tournaments so studios like Glu can focus on creating the great games we all love to play,” added Andrew Paradise, the CEO and Founder of Skillz. “Cash tournaments make games more competitive and fun for players, which typically means more users, longer sessions and better ARPDAU.”

Only players over the age of 18 will be able to join in-game tournaments through the Skillz platform that result in cash prizes.