Glogou Brings Mobile Marketing ‘Across the Great Wall’

Glogou Brings Mobile Marketing 'Across the Great Wall'On Wednesday, Glogou Inc. – a Silicon Valley technology marketing company – confirmed to MMW the launch of Across the Great Wall.

The effort represents a suite of turnkey digital marketing solutions that “breaks down the barriers for marketing” in China.

By offering innovative technologies that overcome the challenges of language and accessibility combined with professional services for ease of implementation, Across the Great Wall enables companies to reach the growing number of Chinese consumers and businesses that are eager to buy high quality goods and services from around the world.

As explained in the press release touting the new effort today, Glogou reminds us that Baidu, not Google, is the search engine used by 87% of China’s 500 million Internet users. Baidu’s advertising management system, however, is completely in Chinese.

Glogou Endu, one of the technologies in the Across the Great Wall suite, is the world’s first English web interface for Baidu’s advertising platform so any business is able to conduct search engine marketing on China’s top search engine.

“There are many intimidating barriers for a business when they decide to market their products and services in China. However, China can be a very lucrative and important market for many businesses,” says Iris Huang, co-founder of Glogou Inc. “Glogou understands all the pains and barriers to marketing in China. Glogou’s turnkey China marketing solutions will ease the pains, break all the barriers, and enable a business to run a successful China marketing campaign and to get more customers from China.”

To learn more about Across the Great Wall, click here.