Globetouch and CloudMinds Technology Announce Partnership

MMW learned Wednesday that Globetouch and CloudMinds Techology have inked a new partnership to provide connectivity for robots and other artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives.

Both companies are making the announcement during Mobile World Congress Americas 2017, a conference and expo bringing together industry leaders to meet and explore new business models in mobile technology.

If you’re not familiar, Globetouch Inc. is a leader in global connectivity services and IoT platforms for the connected vehicle and the Internet of Things (IoT) market. CloudMinds is creating advanced AI engines in the cloud to advance its mission to “make robots smarter.”

Together, the companies will develop cloud-based applications and platforms that help control robots with rapid motions. This will have great implications for the development of autonomous driving, factory robots, shipping port sorting robots and other AI initiatives.

“This partnership is a major step forward for both Globetouch and the AI and IoT communities in general,” says Riccardo DiBlasio, CEO of Globetouch Inc. “Working with CloudMinds, we will provide full connectivity for many innovative and advanced robotics initiatives that require the ability to control rapid motions.”