GlobalSpotz Rolls Out Crowd-Driven On-Demand Mobile E-Commerce App Generation

On Thursday in San Francisco, GlobalSpotz made a major announcement.

“How many times have you done a Google or Bing search for a business and found that there was no way to order online from them?” the company asked in its formal announcement. “This happens more frequently than you would think, even when the business has a website presence on the Internet. The website just doesn’t provide consumers with the ability to order services online from these businesses.”

GlobalSpotz says it is providing a solution to that problem by allowing consumers to create a mobile e-commerce application ‘on-demand’ by selecting any Foursquare listed business on their new Contextual Networks platform and choosing the option for “Menu / Order / Earn Rewards” for locations that have menu data on SinglePlatform.

As for how it’s all rolling out, here’s what we can tell you:

The first implementation of this new “crowd-driven e-commerce app generation technology” is for the Food & Beverage service industry where consumers can now select any of the estimated 400,000+ Foursquare listed business locations on any of the forty-five (45) contextual networks for Food & Beverage.

These networks are accessible from a single “network hub application” called FoodieSpotz that you can load into your mobile browser.

To experience “crowd-driven e-commerce” and generate your first e-commerce app for a Food & Beverage business, click here.