Global Smartphone Shipments May Have Set New Quarterly Record

Global Smartphone Shipments May Have Set New Quarterly RecordOn Tuesday, Juniper Research released new estimates indicating that the number of smartphone shipments exceeded a quarterly record of 250 million in Q3 2013.

That puts year-over-year growth at nearly 50% from Q3 2012.

In the same report, Juniper revealed that Samsung now accounts for a third of all smartphones shipped with an estimated 85 million smartphones – a new record for the company.

Additionally, Apple’s iPhone accounted for 1 in 7 smartphone shipments during the most recent quarter ending September 30th, 2013. Apple enjoyed quarterly growth of 8% from Q2 2013.

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Juniper’s latest research forecasts that Apple and Samsung will continue to dominate the global market, shipping 17% more smartphones in 2018 than were shipped globally by all vendors in 2012.

“These top end players are expected to continue to witness impressive growth next quarter due to seasonality, however Juniper expects a steady decline in growth thereafter especially in maturing markets,” a summary of today’s report reads.  “At this point differentiation becomes vital to continued success, and the strategies used to achieve differentiation need to be different for maturing and emerging markets.”