Global Mobile Software Market To Reach $79.7 Billion By 2017 With Focus On Asia-Pacific

New research out from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. suggests the global market for mobile software will reach an impressive $79.7B by 2017.

Building on historical trends, Asia-Pacific will remain the most prominent regional market for mobile software.  Growth in the Asia-Pacific mobile software market is particularly driven by the continued craze for smartphones and other mobile devices in emerging markets such as China and India.  Increased demand for mobile email and other Internet-enabled services within the burgeoning corporate sector in these countries also augurs well for the market according to the research.

The massive valuation is attributed largely by the worldwide growth of smartphones and the many applications and services they now support, according to the report.  “Top consumer mobile applications for upcoming years, including Location-Based Services, Money Transfer, Mobile Browsing, Mobile Health Monitoring, Mobile Search, Near Field Communication Services, Mobile Payment, Mobile Instant Messaging, Mobile Advertising and Mobile Music are all expected to drive present substantial market opportunities for the mobile software market in the years to come,” the research firm said in a press release.  “Location based services such as Location Enabled Search and Location based Social Network Services in particular are expected to increase in popularity over the next few years, thereby driving gains into the market.”

Image credit: Felinar