Global Mobile Marketing, Advertising Industry to Grow 37% by 2016

The latest projections published this week from research firm Berg Insight suggest that the total value of the global mobile marketing and advertising market is on pace for record growth over the next 48 months.

According to the latest estimates, the industry will see 37% growth by 2016, bringing the industry’s total value to $22.6 billion at that time.

“The popularity of smartphones and the increasing availability of mobile media that can include mobile advertising are the main game-changers,” said Rickard Andersson, telecom analyst at Berg Insight.

The mobile app revolution, however, has done as much to further the industry as smartphones have.

“Brands are now progressively embracing the mobile channel, including the entire range of apps, from games and entertainment to utility applications. Also, mobile Web advertising and opt-in SMS [Short Message Service] campaigns are popular,” Andersson adds.

Facebook is widely anticipated to emerge as one of the biggest future players in the mobile marketing and advertising realms.

“Many acquisitions have recently taken place within the mobile marketing industry, and further consolidation is expected to bring about an ecosystem consisting of a few dominant digital advertising networks spanning all types of devices,” the Berg report reads.