Global Mobile Advertising Spend Grows 38% In Q1 2011, Spain Sees 225% Boost

According to a new report published by BuzzCity, global mobile advertising usage grew by over 38% during the first quarter of 2011.

This translates to roughly 23.2 billion mobile ad impressions, according to the research.  The largest growth areas include Central and South America in countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela where cheaper rates and network improvements have helped boost mobile advertising spend.  Interestingly, Egypt posted an impressive increase of 144% so far this year, despite an internet blockage being implemented by its former government during protests in March.

Other countries showing growth include Spain at 225%, China at 130%, South Korea with 92%, Thailand with 92% and Turkey at 80%.  Nokia was the dominant service internationally for online mobile users with 46% of the market, followed by Samsung (12.5%) and Sony Ericsson (8.4%).  “Consumer demand for mobile content such as games continue to grow and advertisers are taking advantage of this by, for example, using pay-per download games as a key part of ad campaigns,” commented BuzzCity CEO, Dr KF Lai.   “This is particularly true of certain mobile VAS players in Indonesia, South Africa, India, and Mexico,”