Global Mobile Advertising Industry Grows 17% in Q3, According To BuzzCity Index

New data released today from mobile media firm BuzzCity indicate the global mobile advertising industry grew by 17% during Q3 2010, with specific regions showing growth as high as 154% during the three-month period ending Oct. 1st.

The results, which were published in BuzzCity’s “Global Mobile Advertising Index for Q3 2010,” indicate a total of 54 markets each delivering monthly traffic exceeding 10 million impressions per month — an increase from 44 markets in Q2 and 32 markets in Q1.

Some interesting takeaways include the fact that while Indonesia ranked number one worldwide in terms of ad-banners served (3,685,538,814), its overall growth during Q3 declined by 16%.  Mobile advertising in the U.S grew 70% in Q3, putting it in third place in terms of ads served, while a newcomer to the list — Libya — grew an incredible 154% during Q3 alone, placing it in the number 8 spot worldwide.

In total, 14 countries have witnessed double digit growth in mobile advertising over the last three months, with three markets, Libya, Korea and Kenya, seeing triple digit growth.  It’s important to note that the index tracks activity across BuzzCity’s network of over 2500 publishers across the globe, so it doesn’t necessarily paint the clearest picture of the mobile ad industry as a whole.