Global Marketer Shares Keys to Customer Centricity in New Book

Global Marketer Shares Keys to Customer Centricity in New BookAs more information than ever is now being transmitted instantaneously, Denyse Drummond-Dunn, President and Chief Catalyst of C3Centricity — a global consultancy that helps businesses become more customer centric — says that companies need to adapt their thought processes in order to place customers first.

Services such as Yelp place users in a position where they provide real-time reviews, meaning that “customer centricity has become a 24/7 role and everyone’s responsibility.” Drummond-Dunn says that “developing a company culture that places customers at the heart of a business is essential for all organizational success.”

Backed by ample knowledge and experience, Drummond-Dunn is releasing a new book titled “Winning Customer Centricity” which details how organizations can develop this culture by selecting the right customers to build long-tern relationships with, integrating these customers into their business model and reinventing their brand to ignite and maintain customer demand and loyalty.

The format allows readers to personalize their reading by either reading in order or turning to a specific sections that they have identified as a problem within their company.

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