Global Expansion of Windows Phone Marketplace Now Underway

A new world of opportunities has opened up to Windows Phone developers… literally.

Before the end of March, App Hub will start accepting submissions for the new Windows Phone Marketplaces.

Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Marketplace at Microsoft, calls the development a “great opportunity for you to establish an early toehold on top download charts and get your app in front of eager new phone customers.”

“My advice,” Brix writes on the official Windows Team Blog, is to “Prepare now and beat the crowd.”

The 23 new marketplaces launching this month are in Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

“That’s in addition to the five stores we opened earlier this year in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines,” Brix admits. “Once this latest batch goes live, it will bring our total number of customer storefronts to 63—nearly half of which are new in 2012. Factor in the new wave of handsets (including more affordable models) coming from Nokia, HTC, and ZTE, and it means a nearly 60 percent increase in the total addressable market for your apps.”

To learn more, check out the official Windows Team Blog.