Global Developer Nation Report: A World of Poor, Male, Risk-Taking Visionaries

Global Developer Nation Report: A World of Poor, Male, Risk-Taking VisionariesIt’s the ninth edition for “State of the Developer Nation” — and the report just out features some interesting highlights.

The report from Vision Mobile analyzes current trends in mobile, desktop, IoT, and cloud services development.

“We look at the most popular platforms, languages, vertical markets and hosting providers,” say report authors. “(We study) which types of development are bringing in the most revenue and which revenue models are succeeding. We also take a deep dive into mobile commerce, the biggest battleground in today’s app economy.”

What are some key insights from the report?

  • “It’s a very male-dominated nation.” The global report indicates a mere 6 percent of study were female, though North America boasted more women (10 percent).
  • “It’s a population of young obsessives.” The report suggests 89 percent of developers are working in more than one arena — and often devote spare time to yet more software development.
  • “As a Nation it’s close to the poverty line.” More than half of mobile developers (51 percent), and well over half those in IoT (59 percent) aren’t making a sustainable income (less than $500 a month).
  • “The Clouds here have a silver lining.” Turns out cloud developers are doing the best financially, with 67 percent reporting decent revenue (more than $500 a month).
  • “Windows Phone doesn’t come round so much these days.” Interest in Microsoft’s mobile platform has declined in the last six months (from 30 to 27 percent), while Android is still the most-targeted mobile platform (71 percent). Also, iOS remains popular.
  • “It’s a Nation full of risk-taking explorers.” Develop now, sell later? The report indicates at least 26 percent of IoT developers “don’t even know who their eventual customers will be.”

There’s much more to take in. To download the report, click here.