Glitch Guts Google Wallet on Some Mobile Devices

Yesterday, Twitter was hobbled by a glitch. Today, it must be Google’s turn – at least with regard to Google Wallet.

Google has confirmed that some owners of the HTC Evo 4G LTE on Sprint are having issues.

Specifically, complains are flooding the Android pioneer regarding how Google Wallet stopped working on their devices.

For now, Google will only corroborate claims that technical difficulties have been identified and are being addressed as of this writing.

A Google rep. told The Verge today that “the issues — including a notification that Google Wallet isn’t certified ‘in your country or on your device / carrier’ — stem from a ‘software problem’ with the NFC component in the phone.”

If you’re among the users impacted by the glitch, it should be noted that the Internet search giant is reportedly already at work on a fix that will be delivered via software update.

For the time being, as Google works with HTC and Sprint on the problem, there is no estimated time frame for the fix to actually come.

Unfortunately for Google, this latest NFC issue is just another in a string of meltdowns and stumbling blocks that have made the dawn of mobile payments on Android devices anything but a smooth arrival.