Glispa’s Quality Optimization Engine ‘Removes Mobile Advertising Guesswork’

Glispa's Quality Optimization Engine 'Removes Mobile Advertising Guesswork'Glispa, a digital marketing company, has just announced the fourth generation of their “Quality Optimization Engine (QOE).”

If you’ve never heard of it, QOE is a business intelligence tool that delivers mobile advertisers quality traffic and “turns big data into valuable, actionable metrics.”

The glispa technology, the company asserts, massively increases the value advertisers and publishers receive for their advertising budget and the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Mobile advertisers today are left to sift through too much incomplete data, resulting in time lost on ineffective ad placements and low returns on high costs. glispa’s QOE identifies a number of real-time quality triggers that advertisers can leverage to optimize and streamline campaigns quickly.

“We can actually guarantee quality traffic and more engaged end users for our global advertising clients,” said Gary Lin, CEO at glispa. “gumi Inc. and OLX are excellent examples of how we use business intelligence to deliver actionable learning to our advertisers through proactive data analysis and real-time optimization. The Quality Optimization Engine is our behind-the-scenes technology that is a major ingredient in our secret sauce.”