Glass Aside, Google Had Other News This Week Too

After thoroughly hyping Google Glass this week, it would have been hard to tell if Google had any other announcements worth covering.

Technically, the Internet search giant didn’t announce the launch of a new streaming music service this week, but the rumor mill and connected sources all suggest that a Google branded service of that nature is coming – and soon.

According to The Financial Times, Google is actively negotiating with big music labels to launch a platform capable of competing with the likes of Spotify.

“The discussions reflect the technology company‚Äôs ambition to extend its influence into new business areas and diversify away from advertising, which accounts for 95 per cent of its revenues,” the FT reports.

For now, Google isn’t saying much. But with a music download store already in place and a quality Internet brand unrivaled by anyone else, the launch of a streaming music service could definitely be Google’s next big thing.

You know, other than Google Glass.