Gillette Introduces “Sharp” New Mobile App

Procter & Gamble’s Gillette razor will be the focus of the new mobile marketing endeavors of one of America’s largest and most respected companies as they tap into the potential of the iPhone as a means of reaching current and prospective male shavers.

Gillette is all hyped up about “uArt,” an iPhone application that allows its users to “shave and create” facial hairstyles based on a unique model that lets you upload a personal photo and select a facial hair style even with the nuances of hair length and color.

The next step? Shave until the desired appearance becomes a reality. According to Gillette, it’s just that easy – so simple, in fact, that I can’t help but imagine some dudes are going to get drunk out of their mind one weekend and shave themselves up to look like Mr. T.

This app is just too cool to not be used for both good and evil.

According to Mike Norton, director of external relations at Gillette: “As a grooming company, we want to help guys be their best and to achieve that, we want to provide tools to help them find the look and style that is right for them so they can express themselves.”

P&G, which bought Gillette in 2005, is giving uArt a substantial push in both print and electronic media. With any luck, this endeavor will have as much success as the last, when Gillette completed a program with New York Yankee Derek Jeter where baseball fans were encouraged to send a text for a chance to win… you guessed it, a free Gillette Fusion Razor!

Welcome to mobile marketing, Gillette! I think you’ll find its “cutting edge” appeal very appropriate.