Getting to Know You: Swrve Launches ‘Personalized Push’ for Smartphone Mobile Apps

Getting to Know You Swrve Launches ‘Personalized Push’ for Smartphone Mobile AppsSwrve, a leader in mobile marketing automation, recently announced the availability of Personalized Push.

“Push notifications can now be sent to individuals based on their behavior within any business channel, both online and the real world,” according to the company’s formal announcement. “Notifications can be targeted on an individual basis in direct response to consumer activity; therefore, the age of ‘spam’ push messages to millions of users is over.”

Not only are smartphones now ubiquitous and ever-present, they’ve made push notifications the single best way to communicate with consumers.

Usually, however, they are activated based on what the consumer does in an individual app. Personalized Push changes that.

“Swrve now enables mobile push notifications to be sent dynamically in response to any event on any channel – integrating the power of mobile marketing into an omni channel marketing experience,” explained the company in a news release.

How does it really work?

Push notifications could be delivered to a user who is entering a bricks-and-mortar fashion store, offering discounts on items the service knows she added to her wish list while shopping online. Or, a notification could be sent to a smartphone during a morning train commute (at a time the data has documented that this person usually uses the mobile app) letting the consumer know about new content based on data-determined reading preferences.

“Mobile marketers love push notifications, and it’s easy to see why,” said Christopher S. Dean, Swrve CEO.

According to the firm, Swrve’s Personalized Push is a component of its Swrve Open Platform, a marketing technology ecosystem encompassing mobile marketing, traditional marketing automation, and CRM, and ancillary technologies including data visualization and user acquisition platforms.

“Together, Swrve and their open platform partners enable marketers to focus on building outstanding relationships with their customers with proven technology that is quick to integrate,” said a company spokesperson.