Getting in the Game – Sleepy Giant Switches from Game Maker to Game Marketing Guru

Getting in the game Sleepy Giant switches from game maker to game marketing guruWhen they first started out, Sleepy Giant was a game operations provider and also, at one point, made their own titles. Today, however, they’ve changed their name to and, rather than making games, they now help marketing managers to acquire more users for the games they market.

In making the change, VentureBeat confirms, joins the growing ranks of companies that help their clients target customers and induce them to spend not only more time with their games but, more importantly, more money.

David Lee, cofounder and president of the company, says the reason for the change is that “we don’t think the solutions out there are benefiting marketing managers based on our service.” Their new event automation engine is highly customizable and allows publishers and marketers to not only increase user engagement but also monetization of their games using the latest technology for cross channel and cross-platform marketing.

The company comes with quite a bit of “street cred” after working for several years with Disney on their Disney Infinity game, Activision on their Call of Duty Elite game and also Bethesda with their The Elder Scrolls Online.

After all of that time developing games for other companies, and a failed bid to publish their own, is now helping app developers to determine the best way to not only attract new users to their games but also to keep them playing. This is especially important when you consider that, with most games, up to 80% of players don’t come back to play after they’ve played a game for the first time.

Their event automation engine gathers analytics on gamers and then uses that data to target them with strategies created to increase retention and monetization. The program can go as far as targeting the specific behavior of customers and, using that behavior, modify a game’s promotions, pricing and incentives.

Lee says that “Automation is becoming the fastest growing customer relationship management segment, enabling marketers to engage with their customers across many platforms,” and, with their new technology and programs, is helping to greatly increase that engagement.