GetJar Releases New Research About Mobile App Use

New research from mobile app store GetJar suggest that mobile apps represent the best opportunity in mobile marketing to reach the coveted 18-34 male demographic.  In other words, mobile apps engage users in this demographic better than any other form of media available.  A big deal, according to GetJar.

GetJar deems themselves as the largest “independent” app store around, and revealed that some 65% of users that download mobile apps from its store are in the hard-to-reach 18-34 demographic.  Furthermore, one-in-three GetJar users are downloading mobile apps every single day.

For its research, GetJar commissioned a poll of 13,518 GetJar users worldwide in August 2009 to gauge the impact of mobile applications globally as part of an advertising or marketing campaign.  While brands are already creating campaigns for mobile as a channel, the findings indicate that users are not only receptive to promotions via mobile apps, but also actively embrace them.  Eight-out-of-ten have recommended a mobile app to a friend and a further eight-out of-ten continue to consciously download apps that contain advertising, highlighting the power of peer-to-peer advocacy among mobile app users.

The apps downloaded on GetJar are available across some 1,600 handsets, not just high-end smartphones, highlighting a very real interest from a much wider pool of mobile phone users across a variety of demographic backgrounds.  While Apple’s App Store is by far the largest, it doesn’t represent a good sample for research because it’s geared to only one device.  Here’s some interesting findings from GetJar’s research:

  • 65 percent of GeJar`s respondents were in the 18-34 year old category
  • 81 percent of respondents were male
  • 61 percent of consumers we`re downloading content at least 3-4 times a week
  • Mobile apps users are more likely to access the internet from their mobile handsets than from their computers, with 72 percent of respondents saying that this is the case.  Across established and developing markets, this figure remains high (62 percent in the UK and 69 percent in the US)
  • In terms of the types of content downloaded, 57 percent of users downloaded mobile applications/software, above mobile games (22 percent), music (10 percent), wallpapers (8 percent) and ringtones (3 percent)
  • 67 percent would be willing to pay for a mobile app, showing not only the popularity of brand sponsored apps but also the revenue generating potential