GetFugu Prepares For Revenue With A Unique Twist

GetFugu, maker of the unique “see it, say it, get it” mobile search engine announced from the National Retail Foundation show (NRF) that it will begin accepting advertisers into its global mobile-ad network beginning Jan. 31st.  What’s unique is that GetFugu plans to make heavy use of sales teams spread across geographical regions to help persuade potential advertisers.

Unlike other digital ad-networks that rely on a purely web-based interface to facilitate advertising, GetFugu’s purposed method takes a much more personal approach, much like the service itself.  Proving nothing short of aggressive, GetFugu will seek to engage 1,000 commission-based sales representatives within the first 90 days and grow to over 10,000 reps by the end of the year.

To help small and medium-sized businesses on a local level, the company plans on opening regional “coordination centers” in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Houston and Atlanta to ease the process for advertisers that are new to mobile advertising.  Overcoming the learning curve by more or less holding advertiser’s hands during the entire process is a smart strategic step to monetizing its service.

Arguably one of the largest disadvantages to mobile advertising currently is the fact that it’s seen as a complicated and cumbersome process for most, especially smaller advertisers operating on a local level.  GetFugu obviously recognizes this and is taking steps from the beginning to help the situation.

“We have completed our initial technology build out, assembled a talented production team, launched our application on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms and watched our user base begin to grow exponentially,” said Derek Norton, Chief Operating Officer of GetFugu, Inc. “It is now time to turn our focus to advertisers and delivering on the promise of GetFugu. This sales effort will generate a significant monthly recurring revenue stream for GetFugu.”