GetFugu Next-Gen Mobile Search App To Debut In Sep.

GetFugu is a new mobile search application that will debut at “an upcoming industry event” in September, the company says.  The app, likely to debut first on the iPhone, is not your ordinary mobile search app- instead focusing on voice, facial, location and image recognition input technologies instead of text and URL input.

The company plans to demonstrate its four core technologies at the upcoming event; its “See It” vision recognition (ARL) technology, as well as its “Say It” voice recognition (VRL), “Find It” location recognition (GRL), and “Get It” Hot-Spotting services.  “With GetFugu, you can take a photo of a logo on your sneaker, or a store window, and it’ll take you wherever the company wants you to go, whether it’s to its website or to a coupon,” said Rich Jenkins, the company’s co-founder.  “Or you can access the brand by voice, saying ‘Coca Cola,’ and it’ll take you right there.”

The focus of the new app is to address advertisers demand for a solution that can hold a one-on-one conversation with consumers.  It’s not unlike many other mobile apps that recognize input from users using things like images, voice prompts and facial recognition, but the GetFugu app is poised to be an all-inclusive app that encompasses any and all available input methods.  Another key strategy is to have the GetFugu app available on as many devices as possible- an initiative that’s much easier said than done.

The company is also introducing an advanced mobile facial recognition technology in the new GetFugu app which will allow users to search a person’s Web identity by looking at him through their mobile’s camera.  Aimed at the dating industry, the company hopes to be popular with corporate clients in the future as well.

The company wouldn’t comment on which “industry event” the app will debut on, but the date is set for 09/09/09, which is also the day of Apple’s upcoming “Rock N Roll” event.  We’ll keep our eyes on this one.