Get on the Mobile Marketing Rock Music Bandwagon!

Legendary 80’s heavy metal band Def Leppard has started a strategic partnership with mobile marketing firm Ace Marketing & Promotions Inc. (AMKT) to provide subscribers with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi content.

As of Def Leopard’s August 23 concert in Detroit, MI at the legendary Joe Louis Arena, the band will introduce what is being called their “Rockzimity Marketing,” a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi proprietary marketing technology they say will “power the delivery of exclusive content direct to the fans of Def Leppard, via Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled hot spots at the show.”

As far as I understand it, there are three aspects of value to this arrangement for the Def Leopard fan. First, concert goers will be “Welcomed to the Sparkle Lounge upon walking through the main entrance of the arena.” Additionally, they can get a message that enables them to “Win A Trip To The Sparkle Lounge” following the concert. Finally, fans will receive “select discounts on merchandise.”

According to an official statement, Rockzimity Marketing will be activated at key hot spot locations in and around Joe Louis Arena. Signs will encourage fans to enable their Bluetooth or Wifi signal on their mobile device, and once they are visible to the zone, fans will receive a message from the band. Upon accepting the message, fans will instantly begin receiving exclusive content from Def Leppard. Incredibly, there will be no cost to a fan or minutes of service incurred for receiving the content.

“You have to differentiate your music in today’s industry and how you introduce things to your audience,” says lead singer Joe Elliott. “This is the direction for the future of the way fans connect with artists, it also adds another dimension to our live performance by getting the fans involved from the moment they walk though the door – literally.”